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Ep 10 – Rise up and Fight Washington! – A Vision on Water Street

In this episode of the City Between we continue our exploration of New York in war time, as the city’s residents endured seven long years of war against Rebel forces from 1776-1783. We are going in search of a disembodied voice, that called out to a soldier in barrack on Water Street in 1781, giving a vision of Americans rising up to fight George Washington and his rebel armies… for their freedom.

Come join us through the iTunes podcast app (click here! or just search for “city between”) and at Google Play here and Stitcher here or on the player right here.

The music for the episode was composed by the talented Dylan Thurston.

Here is a map of the location at Water Street and Wall Street of the plaque marking the former Slave Market site:

Here is the Plaque itself, just a block from the British soldiers barrack discussed in the episode:



For a great overview on Loyalist Americans and Sergeant Stiele’s vision discussed in this episode check out the great Liberty’s Exiles by Maya Jasanoff.

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