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Episode 11 – Behind Enemy Lines – The Unguarded Jamaica Pass

In the last few episodes we have explored the Revolutionary War in New York, but from what we might think of as the “other side”, those who supported the King and Crown, the Loyalists. As war arrived, these men in women, for a wide variety of reasons, sided with their King and his army. Convinced they had the most powerful military on earth on their side, they hoped they could help put a swift end to the rebel agitation and chaos and press for reconciliation. Today’s episode tells the story of how this almost came to be, how the King’s Army with a plan from a Loyalist New Yorker, a general in its rank’s, led them into the Revolution’s first real battle and served an almost total- war-ending victory for the Crown.

Come join us through the iTunes podcast app (click here! or just search for “city between”) and at Google Play here and Stitcher here or on the player right here.

The music for the episode was composed by the talented Dylan Thurston.

Here is a map of the location of the former Jamaica Pass at today’s Evergreens Cemetery:

Here’s the “Rockaway Path” at Evegreens Cemetery that traces the path the King’s Army took in the Battle of Brooklyn and additional images of the cemetery.




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