Ep 2.3 – Get Lost with H.P. Lovecraft and O. Henry at Grove Court – Step 3 of the Old Greenwich Village Series

In this episode we stroll further west on Grove Street to Grove Court, as we make our way to the forgotten heart of the Old Greenwich Village Quarter. We do so in some creative company of two famous writers who once wandered these streets and imagined what might be hidden behind its garden doors – O. Henry and H. P. Lovecraft. We hear a selection from each of them, the short stories they wrote hungry, tired, broke or drunk, that they wrote to pay the rent, to vent about broken dreams, in love or hate with New York and the village. Join us, won’t you?



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Read the full O. Henry short story “The Last Leaf”.

 Enjoy H.P. Lovecraft’s “He” in written form or listen to a reading of it on the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast.

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