How to Listen

First, you can find all our episodes on iTunes (click here) or your favorite podcast provider. Go and subscribe and leave a review and some stars if you like, it will help people find us. You can of course then listen as you would any other podcast as you go about your day or fall asleep at night!

Second, if you are at your computer or tablet and would like to follow along visually, you can come to this website and go to the page for the week’s episode. There you will find a Google Street View link where you can see what we are seeing, as well as photos, illustrations and historical maps. Travel to NYC from your sofa!

Finally, if you are in New York City or planning on visiting you can use our podcast as your own audio guide. Each episode’s step is one stop in a series of six or so stops that make up a tour you can listen to as you walk along. Each episode will have a Google Map with walking directions (or subway directions for some of our thematic episodes) for each step on the tour. Enjoy!