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Live New York History: Get a Drink

If you have been following this loose “guide” to visiting New York, you already know how to avoid Museum Headache and to Ride the Subway. Now you have earned a third piece of wisdom about traveling to New York and how to honor its four centuries of history: go get a drink. It may not be obvious, but New York City loves its history. … Read More Live New York History: Get a Drink


Episode 11 – Behind Enemy Lines – The Unguarded Jamaica Pass

In the last few episodes we have explored the Revolutionary War in New York, but from what we might think of as the “other side”, those who supported the King and Crown, the Loyalists. As war arrived, these men in women, for a wide variety of reasons, sided with their King and his army. Convinced they had the most powerful military on earth on … Read More Episode 11 – Behind Enemy Lines – The Unguarded Jamaica Pass


Ride the Subway

Ride the subway. The New York subway system is unforgivable. This ancient warren of tunnels, bridges, and elevated rails has not aged well over the last one hundred years. As you descend to the depths of the New York subway all kinds of smells—human, animal and chemical—assault the senses. Screeching train wheels, synthesizers of subway musicians turned up to 10, incomprehensible intercom announcements, and irate … Read More Ride the Subway


Ep 4 – A Vanished Mohawk Village in Brooklyn

  In this episode of the City Between Podcast–a show where we explore New York City’s uncommon history–we seek out the lost village of the Mohawk Indians near downtown Brooklyn. We search for the traces of this neighborhood known today as Boerum Hill, but whose past its residents called Downtown Kahnawake, after their reservation in Quebec. We’ll visit one of its last echoes, a saloon … Read More Ep 4 – A Vanished Mohawk Village in Brooklyn

Ep 5 – Fernet Branca: Made in NYC

This is a very special episode of City Between, a podcast about the hidden and forgotten corners of New York City’s history.Today we are going hunting for a lost and forgotten bottling factory in Tribeca, a neighborhood on the Lower West Side of Manhattan. Though the factory is forgotten, its chief spirit it bottled is not. In fact it is still produced in its … Read More Ep 5 – Fernet Branca: Made in NYC


International iTunes links

For non-US iTunes user City Between Tours are available in most iTunes stores internationally. Open the iTunes store app on your smart phone or computer and search for “City Between Burnside” and the tour should appear. Follow the instructions to purchase. Here are some of international links: United Kingdom iTunes Italian iTunes Canadian iTunes Dutch iTunes German iTunes Swedish iTunes Turkish iTunes Australian iTunes Indonesian iTunes Chilean … Read More International iTunes links