Walking Tours

Join Bruce for one of our two walking tours:
the “Walk New York’s Revolutionary history” Tour
The “Oysters, Pirates and Port Tour”
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THE “Walk New york’s revolutionary history”  TOUR

It is rare to hear the whole truth about New York City’s role in the Revolutionary War. It’s embarrassing. It’s problematic. It’s mostly forgotten—and for good reason. Even when it is mentioned by the occasional tour guide or random sign, it is still glossed over, finessed, and given the best possible spin, which isn’t much. The truth is that many, many New Yorkers supported the losing side. They didn’t necessarily approve of the way things had been going in the colony, but definitely didn’t want a revolution… and they were prepared to give everything to stop it. Join Bruce for a walking tour on Sunday, August 25 (just days before the 1776 Battle of Brooklyn Anniversary) through lower Manhattan of the Revolutionary War–from the Loyalist perspective: we will Turn the American Revolution on its Head.

It will tell the story of those who signed up to fight against Washington and the Rebels, of those who hoped for change through other means, of those who found their freedom by siding with the British. We will also tell the story of New York’s role as the as the Headquarters for British forces for the seven long years of the War and as the center of Loyalist support in America. We will walk through lower Manhattan and talk about the sites and people and stories from this often untold or hurried-over perspective and understand how precarious and precious the eventual rebel victory actually was.

THE “Oysters, Pirates and Port” tour:

We will we walk through the historic port of New York exploring its history and cultural impact on the city. We will take a unique look at how the port’s influence on New York, including the oyster! How they helped shape the city’s streets, the lives of its poorest and richest members, its ecology and even its nightlife!

On a two hour journey we will walk through and around the South Street Seaport area and and uncover the secret history behind its modern-day facade. We will discuss the rich life of the city’s ports, its ecology, its pirates, smugglers, adventurers and its many mysteries.

You will leave this walking tour with an unexpected perspective on what makes New York City one of the most beloved in the world.