Podcast episode

S2 EP3 – The Great Gatsby (2013)

In this episode we discuss Baz Lurhmann’s 2013 epic “The Great Gatsby” and talk about NY history and culture. Bruce and Sam get into speakeasies, Jazz and Hip-Hop, Fitzgerald’s lost love, Prohibition, 3-D, the Valley of Ashes, Jay Leno, the Plaza, East Egg vs. West Egg and more (they do not discuss the green light). Jump in and join the ride..

Theme music by Dylan Thurston. Find out more at www.dylanthurston.com

…and suddenly I began to like New York


Come join us through the iTunes podcast app (click here! or just search for “city between”) and at Google Podcasts here and also at  Stitcher.


Watch “Gatsby Revealed” behind the scenes documentary here:

Read about the career of Sasha Petraske who helped bring back the “speakeasy” to NYC in Eater.

Listen to the Original Dixieland Jazz (“Jass”) Band’s recording of “Livery Stable Blues” from 1917. It was one of the very first jazz recording’s made in NYC – a “brass band gone wild”.

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